Hello! I’m Dillon Patel and welcome to welcome to my small business, Dilpop! 

Dilpop Is a play on my name (dillon), the hindi word for heart (dil), and the positive energy I strive to bring into the work (pop). It was also an available domain name ;) 

The brand is a reflection of the many aspects to my identity (first generation American, South Asian, gay, extroverted) & my interests (fitness, technology, travel, pop culture).

A percent of proceeds from every sale will go towards causes that I’m passionate about including:

  • SF AIDS Foundation: I’ve been involved with the SF AIDS Foundation since 2017 when I first signed up for their annual fundraiser, AIDS LifeCycle (a 545-mile, 7 day bike ride from SF to LA). I’ve participated as both a volunteer and rider, personally raising $8K and supporting our team to raise nearly $500K.
  • Miami Transit Alliance: MTA is a non-profit organization advocating for walkable streets, bikeable neighborhoods and better public transit. I’m a cyclist/public-transit nerd (see above) and my brother, Shaan, is chair of the board. 
  • Family Equality: From filing legal briefs in state and federal courts that defend the rights of LGBTQ+ parents and children, to leading the national campaigns that seek to eradicate discrimination, Family Equality has led the nation in love and acceptance of families of all types. I’ve worked closely with this organization in hosting a gala that raised $75K+.